Hi Natasha, having read your article I ordered some Elecampane, did the thyme inhalation once, and then sort of forgot about this. I made myself thyme and rosemary tea with some manuka honey and had Elecampane in water 3 x day. Initially I coughed more, more chesty. Read in my old herbal book how good this herb is at clearing mucous and infection, so I persevered. I am much better already. Wonder if Elecampane is OK to for my husband who takes heart medications for AF, so an anticoagulant and a heart rhythm medication? He suffers form the same debilitating cough. We both had covid a month ago, recovered from this, stopped coughing and then caught another cold with cough... Not sure this is the pace to contact you with these details. Anyway thanks for another good Newsletter. I am interested also about the slippery places inside us, and how the more natural tasks bring so much meaning and comfort. All best wishes,


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Hi Marianne, thank you so much for the comment and I'm glad that you persevered with the elecampane and feel better! very heart warming to hear! sorry about the late reply, and yes your right sometimes its better to email or book a call if you want a more detailed consult


but as far as I know elecampane has no drug contraindications. however it can affect blood pressure, usually for the better as it is also a herb that aids digestion which in turn affects blood pressure and heart function - so in that way you might see an interaction. I have not experienced any issues in the field and advise people to simply start small with herbs and build up slowly to see how it feels in the body

stay well and good blessings

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by Natasha Clarke

This may be my favorite article from you. Wait, didn't I say that last time?

Love, love love your writing. And I'm not just saying that to butter you up. It truly is a joy to read. Every time!

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