Hey Karen, thanks so much for checking in and I wish I could see you and do some hands on work. However if you would like to brainstorm I would be happy to chat. One of the hardest aspects of my health issues was figuring it out for myself. Sometimes we don’t even have words for how to be supported and often being a health care practitioner can exasperate rather than help get to the root of the issue.

I also morn the loss of my acupuncturist- left thanks to Washington vaccine mandates. Being in the body is so often associated with pain, and it’s such a place to be with so many rich teachings that are uncomfortable and difficult. This summer was a good reminder of just how much I resist taking time in ways that I’m not necessarily in control of! I hope you continue to feel reprieve and again, feel free to get in touch if you want to brainstorm disease perspectives.

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Oh wow, that’s a hard summer and transition. North bend is lovely and makes me wish I was back in WA so I could come to herbal consultation with you!

I’ve had my own health challenges this summer and I have too would like to better understand what is going on energeticly/emotionally/spiritually. I miss my wonderful acupuncturist so very much. I keep trying new people but so far they are all chiropractors who do acupuncture rather than TCM practitioners (thanks to MO laws which is why my last acupuncturist left the state). I think mine has to do with kidney/bladder meridians. First a bladder/kidney infection then severe sciatica on the same side. It’s not a coincidence.

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