I feel SO stupid - I got all excited thinking it was Portland ME but no, other side of the country. Duh. How do I get a refund? I wish you/they WOULD do it here!! I replied to your email but I don't know if you get those - it's just your name at substack.com. I don't want to put my own email address here. Maybe I should call the store where you are offering it??

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Mar 2, 2023·edited Mar 2, 2023Author

Hi Ellen - yes do call the store as they are organising it and i dont know how to logistically give you a refund - you can also email Emily who is the events manager at events.ths@gmail.com.

my email is sashasideways@yahoo.com and so get a hold of me if there is any issues, I'll let the store know also ;)

And so sorry you cant make it for all the understandable reasons!

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Beautiful! I love hearing about what you are doing. The photo of the trail is amazing. I must check out drum circles near me.... thanks for the post.

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