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For those of you who are new to my Substack a warm welcome and quick intro - I’m Natasha and as well as writing heartfelt pieces on what the fuck is going on from a place of compassion I also have practical rooted offerings as a herbalist, artist and provocateur.

I talk about how we are able to harvest potent medicine from the land by being quiet. I like looking into the root issues of existence sorting symptoms from the cause.

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Come along and enjoy the experience of what I have to offer!

This is me, Natasha, and most of my time is spent wondering around looking for herbs to make medicine with and helping community connect with natural medicine. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for the last 25 years after I uprooted myself from England, in search of love and adventure. Which have been many, including becoming a mother, building and living in an earth house in the woods. To see what I get up to, my creations and herbal offerings, find me at


What the readers have to say….

Joy Mills writes - Such a fan of your writing, Natasha. I, too, have mostly retreated to a quiet, hermit-like state among my communities, save for a few. I relate so much to the loss of motivation for creative pursuits (art for the sake of beauty) and energy for polite relationships. I hope these islands of us can somehow find each other in a new way forward.

Annika comments This is why I was led to reach out to you. I resonate with what you wrote and love the power of your authenticity. Let's gently and authentically co-create a new world inside of this mess!

Mary Maloney says Dear Natasha, thank you for your post. You are putting out things as you see it, your truth which I resonate with, ( my truth) even though it is not “ nice” or peaceful. Just keep being yourself, glad you are able to see the empire, now a machine, a story as old as time. Just to see it and call what you see makes the difference, free speech. In kinship and yes, love, love that right now is not peaceful but is truth as we see it.

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exploring how to be in relationship with ourselves, others and the environment through plant medicine and place.


I'm an artist, I'm a drum maker, I'm a herbalist, I'm a teacher and I'm a healer. I have a home in the Pacific Northwest where I practice herbal medicine while keeping my hands busy making works of art.